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Peter and Jayne Fleming are due to arrive in Nepal in late January 2018 and will be based in Kathmandu. Peter will be working with United Mission to Nepal as an advisor in integral development. He will be working with the staff of United Mission to Nepal (UMN) to emphasise the Biblical reasons for engaging in development work in local Nepali communities. Peter will be helping to train a small group of UMN interns each year and will also have the opportunity to teach a course on integral development in a number of theological schools in Kathmandu. Much of this work presents opportunities to influence and encourage the next generation of Christian leadership in Nepal.
Jayne will be teaching in Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC). This school supports many families providing education to children from different nationalities whose parents wish to work, live and serve in Nepal. KISC has over 200 students.
Since 1986 Peter has worked as a minister with the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (PCI), serving firstly as assistant minster in First Carrickfergus, then for eight years in St Johnston and Ballylennon congregations, before moving to First Coleraine Presbyterian Church in 1998, where he remained for 19 years. Jayne has worked as a primary school teacher in Antrim, Londonderry and Coleraine. Peter and Jayne, have three adult daughters, Elizabeth, Naomi and Lydia.

Latest Report

January 2018

On 1 October, we concluded ministry in First Coleraine congregation and have been preparing to leave for work in Kathmandu. This has involved an online study course with All Nations Christian College, orientation provided by the PCI Mission Department, and countless practical things such as moving out of a manse, organising our own home, selling cars, countless trips to charity shops (and the dump), packing bags, etc.

We are due to fly to Kathmandu on 24 January and will immediately begin a five-month period of language learning and orientation. Initially we will live with another member of United Mission to Nepal (UMN) and one of our first tasks will be to search for a place that we can call our own home, and find fellowship and friends. The first few months are guaranteed to test mind and body to the limit, where change and challenge will come thick and fast. Some huge adjustments will have to be made. Every step every day will bring new experiences and learning tasks.

Language learning will be the most obvious challenge. Being introduced to the work of Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC), UMN and Nepali culture will take a long time. We will have to learn quickly how to keep ourselves safe. Drinking water, eating, cooking, even crossing the street will be something of a challenge!

Prayer Points

  • Pray that we will adjust well to a new life and culture and grow to love the people of Nepal.
  • Pray for daily health, safety and strength.
  • Pray for the provision of a place that we can call home.
  • Pray for our family – Elizabeth (& Andrew), Naomi (& Aaron) and Lydia who will be living in different places than us.
  • Pray for us as we integrate into Nepali society, and begin to bond with work colleagues in UMN and KISC.
  • Pray that we would live lives of faithful service, pleasing to the Lord.

General Prayer Points

  • Pray that Peter and Jayne will adjust well to a new life and culture and grow to love the people of Nepal.
  • Pray for daily health, safety and strength.
  • Pray for Peter and Jayne as they take up their work responsibilities.
  • Pray for lives of faithful service pleasing to the Lord.
  • Pray for the nation of Nepal facing political, social, economic and spiritual challenges.
  • Pray too for their family who are living in different places – Elizabeth & (Andrew), Naomi (& Aaron) and Lydia.

Contact Details:

Peter and Jayne Fleming
c/o UMN
PO Box 16 Kathmandu


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