David Cuthbert

Social Witness

Carlisle House Substance Misuse Centre

David Cuthbert is the Director of Carlisle House Substance Misuse Centre.

He trained as a Social Worker in Birmingham in England, and has worked in Carlisle House for the past 18 years. Although David continued his training and qualified as a Systemic Psychotherapist in 2010, he feels his greatest learning has been from encountering those who have passed through the Centre.

When he started out it was with the good intentions of helping others. However, the journey has given him more than he has been able to give to others. He describes how he is beginning to realise what it means to be compassionate, to be truly ‘passionate with’ the other person.

"This has had a huge influence on how we do our work, challenging any prejudice around holding onto pet theories and beliefs. It challenges the concept that we know best, that our values are somehow higher and ultimately it allows us the freedom to be what Christ wants us to be."

Carlisle House is a Treatment Centre for people who have Substance Misuse difficulties. It provides a six week residential rehabilitation programme, which is funded by the Health and Social Care Board. The majority of referrals come via the Community Addiction Teams in the Northern and Belfast Trust areas. A varied programme includes a range of psychological, creative, eco and complementary therapies. Our approach is a Systemic approach which, at its core, views the ‘problem’ within the context of relationships. The provision of a Safe Place for a 6-week time frame provides the opportunity for people to reflect on their relationships and the function alcohol or drugs plays within those relationships. It encourages people to take responsibility for the choices they have made and to begin to make more helpful choices.

Prayer Points

  • We would ask that you remember us as we continually seek to show God’s compassion, kindness and love to those we come into contact with.
  • Pray that we will be continually open to learning from others, not proud or arrogant in our beliefs and values but genuinely respecting those from different backgrounds and experiences.
Contact Details: Carlisle House
2-4 Henry Place
BT15 2BB

Tel: 028 9032 8308
Fax: 028 9043 4533

Email: dcuthbert@pcibsw.org


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