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Caroline Crawford is Home Manager at Harold McCauley House in Omagh.

She trained as a nurse in 1987 and worked for a few years in Belfast City Hospital and locally in Tyrone County Hospital, before taking the Home Manager’s position in Harold McCauley House in 1992 to present.  She is thankful for the oppportunity to work alongside so many staff who also love their job, and whose high standards are reflected in each area of their work.

Caroline's home life revolves around Harold, her husband and four children, two girls and two boys.  They live on a busy family farm.

Harold McCauley House is located on the outskirts of Omagh Town Centre.  Our category of care extends to clients who require Nursing Care.  The emphasis in Harold McCauley House is very much based on our Vision Statement “People Matter to God”. The aim is “to live out the love of Christ through a Caring Church within our Communities” and we welcome all denominations.

Those who visit always comment on the friendly, welcoming atmosphere and are impressed with the many awards the Home has received over the years.

Latest Report

June 2017

This year will be a significant milestone for Harold McCauley House as we look forward to celebrating their 25th anniversary. Harold McCauley House is our first and only nursing home under the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, opened in 1992 – where do the years go?

Over the years our category of care has changed to include seven beds for residents with a diagnosis of dementia alongside their complex needs. Dementia is one of the most important issues we face as the global population ages, including 820,000 people within the UK.

To improve the quality of life for each individual, our home has linked with the University of Stirling to ensure that each year staff receive training and skills to provide person-centred care. This approach focuses on seeing the person first and not their dementia or care needs. Staff have attended training on ‘life story’ work to enhance developing relationships with each person we care for so that we can respond in a more meaningful way and find out what is important to them. Compiling a book or memory box of photographs, letters and mementos can serve as a record of the individual’s life story.

In Harold McCauley House, we believe in taking all opportunities to promote excellent standards of care for all by working closely with other health professionals and engaging with local groups and initiatives, which enhances our Christian witness.

We engaged with the My Home Life programme and were keen to develop community outreach. In 2015, we made toiletry bags for A&E departments and subsequently we entered a competition with Lidl, which was rewarding groups for their community work. We won £3,000 of products to continue this project. Based on this success, we then organised a coffee morning and raised £2,485.51 for Friends of the Cancer Centre.

This year to celebrate our 25th anniversary we have decided to compile a recipe book of family favourites.

BT also comes here each year as part of its community outreach. BT’s work this involved helping prepare grounds for our new car park.

Each year we also have several students from Omagh Academy who, as part of their ‘Community Care’ syllabus, attend our Home on a weekly basis to assist in activities such as reading. They also performed as a choir at our harvest thanksgiving service.

Another initiative we took advantage of is Reading Rooms. This is part of the Verbal Arts Centre programme based in Londonderry. Each week, a volunteer from the initiative attends our Home to read poems and stories and encourage participation, interaction and reminiscence with our residents. Staff members attended training sessions in May, which will enable us to continue this programme ourselves.

We couldn’t do all this without the support of our residents, their families, friends and our volunteers. We are also keen to promote our facility and we that you remember us in your prayer and pray that God will continue to use Harold McCauley House as a witness to His work within the whole community.

General Prayer Points

  • Please continue to pray for all the staff, volunteers and Local Support Committee as they share their gifts and talents to reflect God’s witness in the Home. 
  • Pray for all the residents, family and friends, that they may feel loved, secure and supported in their daily lives.
  • Give thanks for the continual love and encouragement of our Heavenly Father who guides us through life and helps us to serve him faithfully.

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