Christine Kyle



Christine has been part of the chaplaincy team in the Ulster Hospital since 1990. Her role, part time since 2004, is primarily one of visitation to the sick.

As a Deaconess she sees her role as a befriender, a listener, someone who is there to support those who are in hospital, to pray with them and remind them of God's love and care.

Christine is involved in the weekly service in the Care of the Elderly Unit and also conducts Sunday service in the hospital church once a month.

Christine is married to Jim and they have two children. In 1979 she obtained a BA (Hons) Degree in Social Administration and worked for a short time with the Department of Health and Social Services. The family belong to Orangefield Presbyterian Church. She has also served as a Deaconess with Woodvale (1985 – 1986) and Orangefield (1986 – 1989) Presbyterian Churches before her current role in the Ulster Hospital.

Latest Report

I want to give thanks to God for the privilege of being God’s ambassador in the Ulster Hospital for so many years.

Change is all around us, in government and in society. In our hospital, too, we have seen changes in recent times. My friend and colleague, Rev. George Moffett, retired in September after thirty years’ faithful service in hospital chaplaincy and is greatly missed by all.  The hospital has yet to formally appoint another Presbyterian chaplain, though Rev. Jim Campbell has been very ably filling the gap in the meantime.

There have been times of sadness, and I have journeyed with many people through their times of pain and struggle, but each one has appreciated a listening ear, a word of encouragement, and some prayer.

There have also been times of joy and encouragement.  I spent time with a young woman, diagnosed with cancer, who had fallen away from church. What a joy it was to get to know her, to share the gospel with her, and to link her in with a church in her area.

Another woman who spent several months in hospital with numerous infections, continual nausea, and feelings of disillusionment, kept going through all her trials by, in her own words, “the power of prayer”.

The staff members in our hospital do an amazing job despite long hours and continual demands - please remember them in your prayers so that they may be encouraged daily.

Every day I am conscious of the need to stay close to God, to know His leading and wisdom in meeting many who come through our hospital doors.

Thank you to Rev. George Moffett, the Council for Mission in Ireland and Presbyterian Women for their continued support and prayers for the ongoing witness in the hospital.

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