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Adelaide Road, Dublin; Dublin & Munster Presbytery

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David started working as an Irish Mission worker with BMI in 1997, in the Presbyterian congregation of Adelaide Road on the south side of Dublin city centre, not far from St. Stephen’s Green.

For most of his time in Dublin he worked alongside Dolebusters, an outreach of Adelaide Road that catered for the unemployed and under-privileged in the inner city. This work has now ceased and David is endeavouring to establish a “Gospel Community” in the local area that seeks to be creative in reaching out to unchurched people and providing a spiritual “home” for them as they wrestle with the claims of the gospel.

David is married to Jenny and has four children, Joel, Ethan, Cara and Jordan, who all grew up in Dublin.

A United Appeal video highlighting the work of David Boyd, Irish mission worker at Adelaide Road Presbyterian Church in Dublin, and his work with the international cafe.
United Appeal // International outreach at home from Presbyterian Church in Ireland on Vimeo.

Latest Report

December 2016-January 2017

Disciples in training

Recently our International Café recommenced. This is an outreach to the thousands of foreign students who come to Dublin to study at university or to improve their English at one of the many language schools. On the first night you never know quite what to expect. Many of the students from last year had finished their course and returned to their native lands so we were relying on the posters we placed in colleges all around the city centre and any remaining students to bring in the newcomers.

In the end we had 10 newcomers, six of whom were Japanese thanks to a Japanese student who has been with us for a while. This was a surprise as usually it is the Brazilians who are in the majority as we have quite a few in our congregation, and many Brazilians come to Dublin to study English. However, the combination of good food, fun and games soon had everyone mixing like one big, happy family and we hope that, as the term goes on, the word will spread and we will have the opportunity to welcome many more newcomers.

Please pray that God will draw lots of students to us and that the team will make friends with them and be able to invite them to the Bible study, which uses the international version of Christianity Explored.

I recently completed the Alpha course that we were running over the summer. It’s amazing how no two Alphas are ever the same and this was no exception. One Latvian girl, whose grandfather was a Lutheran pastor, told us how he refused to inform on members of his congregation and, as a result, was sent to Siberia by the communist authorities. It was certainly a graphic illustration of what Jesus meant when he said that “the good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep.”

We are excited about the Alpha Bear Grylls Campaign and are planning another Alpha course in the new year. This campaign was highlighted in the October/November issue of ReachOut and the massive amount of advertising featuring Bear Grylls should create a considerable amount of interest and debate. Please pray that, as we publicise this in the congregation, our members will catch the vision and invite people who need to hear the message of the gospel.

Discipleship is up and running again and I am continuing with the same group that I had last year. This is not just an exercise in encouraging spiritual growth in a few people, rather the object is producing disciples who will make disciples. We want to see the folk that we are discipling get to the point where they are able to go off and start their own groups, becoming leaders themselves. Our desire is to see more and more discipleship groups springing up throughout our congregation as we get leaders trained, until all of our people are involved in discipleship.

However, this is a lot easier said than done. It is hard, messy work sometimes, so once again I would ask for your prayers for this work. As a leader, I need God to give me insight and wisdom so that the people I disciple will pick up good methods of coaching, enabling them to lead well when they have groups of their own. Pray too for the participants, that they would be open to all that God wants to do in their lives and that he will give them a burning desire to raise up disciple-makers themselves.

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