Theological Education by Extension in Malawi

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Country: Malawi

TEEM was founded in the 1970s as a nationwide, distance-learning theological institution. Over the intervening years, it has provided practical training to thousands of students.

The concept of Theological Education by Extension (TEE) was conceived and first used by the Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Guatemala in the 1970s. Today, TEE programmes are widely used in many countries around the world.

TEE, as an alternative leadership training system, brings theological, biblical and practical leadership training to people right where they live and worship. TEEM is TEE in the Malawian context, providing self-study course material on basic biblical, doctrinal, practical and ministerial subjects.

An urgent priority for TEEM is the updating of its curriculum. Some courses need urgent revision and rewriting, while new courses need to be designed and implemented. In addition, the balance between academic, spiritual and practical elements of the material needs to be addressed, so that TEEM can maximise the benefits gained by its students and the churches they serve. It is hoped that these needs will be addressed by TEEM’s Executive Director, Dr. Volker Glissmann.

Contact Details:
Private Bag 25
Central Africa
  T: +265 152 4758


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