Student Christian Organisation of Malawi

Global Mission

Country: Malawi

The Student Christian Organisation of Malawi is an indigenous interdenominational organisation committed to the evangelisation, discipleship and training of students so that they would love and serve the Lord effectively in the Church and in the world.

Formed in 1961 by the Malawi Council of Churches, SCOM has grown from 20 branches in 1961 to over 500 currently, with a student membership of 30,000 in post-primary educational institutions.

SCOM is a non-profit making organisation registered under Malawi's Trustees Act.

Over the years, SCOM has significantly contributed to the spiritual development of the nation. Most of those in leadership in the Church and para-church groups trace their spiritual growth and development to their involvement with SCOM. Malawi is said to be a God-fearing nation and SCOM has played an important role in instilling the fear of the Lord in the hearts of its youth.

Contact Details:
SCOM National Office
PO Box 657
Central Africa
  T: +265 (0)1 791 592


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