Grupos Biblicos Unídos

Global Mission

Country: Spain

Region: Europe

Grupos Biblicos Unídos (GBU) is a Spanish Christian student organisation affiliated to the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES).

GBU's vision is to reach non-Christian students with the gospel and develop Christian leaders who in future will contribute to the growth and development of evangelical churches in Spain.

GBU also seeks to contribute to the transformation of Spanish society through evangelical graduates and professionals who in the past have been helped by GBU.

At the beginning of 2007, Derek and Jane French moved to Bilbao in Northern Spain to take up a new assignment with GBU. Their work principally involves evangelism among university and college students; and discipling, training and encouraging Christian students, as they seek to help them grow in their faith and to reach out to their peers with the gospel message.

Currently, there are 17 GBU groups throughout Spain, involving more than 500 university students.

Contact Details:
Grupos Biblicos Unídos
Alts Forns 68, Sot 1
Barcelona 08038
  T: +34 (0)93 432 2523


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