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Sarah Harding

28.10.2016 | Presbyterian Herald

The November 2016 editon of the Presbyterian Herald is now available.

Pledging allegiance

This month America will no doubt hold its breath while it waits to see the next President that its people have elected. It is perhaps unusual that the Herald features an article on it this month, but this has been a race unprecedented in terms of its worldwide media coverage, with a huge amount of interest gathered by the soap-opera-style antics of the candidates. Alan Meban looks at the lack of decency shown during the campaign and how this is at stark odds with Christian values.

It has also been a race with little evidence of humility. When asked if he had ever asked forgiveness from God, Donald Trump said, “I’m not sure I have…I don’t bring God into that picture.”

Humility, as we know, is a key attribute to be sought in the Christian walk and this has proven to be significant in one congregation’s ability to transform into a place of welcome. Ivan Steen tells the honest and inspiring story of Windsor Presbyterian, as it has struggled to adapt to the changing demographic of its congregation and community. Ivan says, “In being prepared to give up something of ourselves, greater freedom and space was given for the Holy Spirit to work in people’s lives.” Windsor’s story is one that has the potential to challenge and change our denomination, but only if we are willing to seek God first.

In this month’s ‘Life lessons’ piece, Henry Coulter, a volunteer from the International Meeting Point, says, “I am still learning that God has a bigger agenda and works to a different timetable than me…that is for His glory and our good.” Alfred Thompson continues his series on the Holy Spirit and through his discussions with some Presbyterian ministers, presents an exciting glimpse of how the Spirit can move and work if we make room for Him to.

In this month of remembrance when we pay tribute to the humble sacrifice made by many over the years, we are reminded of the ultimate sacrifice of the one who humbled Himself to death on a cross. Christ’s extreme example of humility is an overwhelming demonstration of His love for us. Therefore our only response can be to pledge our full allegiance to Him. Betsy Cameron, an American by birth, contemplates the US election in her reflections piece, stating, “I am a Christian first and a citizen second.” Whatever happens in politics, whether in America, the UK or Ireland, our King is on His throne and He deserves our loyalty, love and our lives.

Sarah Harding, Editor

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