Postcard from Nepal: Jaimasi

Claire Sellar

28.11.2016 | Global Mission, Mission, Overseas Tour

Claire Sellar is a Paediatric Occupational Therapist with the South Eastern Health and Social Care Trust and has been travelling with her husband, Moderator, Dr. Frank Sellar, on his overseas visit to Nepal. In her blog, Claire writes about the power of words, and one she came across time and time again: Jaimasi.

'Namaste' is said as a greeting when people in Nepal meet one another. Hands are lifted up into the praying position and heads are gently bowed in respect of one another's humanity. When Christians meet they say 'Jaimasi'. This means 'I see Jesus in you'. Eyes meet and smiles widen as they recognise the same Spirit within.

The words that we use convey so much. They build up or they tear down. They encourage honest sharing or close down communication. They allow one another to hear and understand what each is feeling, strengthening marriages, friendships and relationships or else they create insurmountable barriers.

It's such an easy thing to say "Sit with me" or "Let me show you the way". Our words can affirm, enhance and encourage. Here in Nepal these past two weeks we have been privileged to hear some lovely words from people sharing their stories of God's guidance: how they first got an interest in this incredible mountainous nation, how they came to know the Lord, how they ended up serving.

We have been privy to hearing accounts of God's perfect timing, amazing 'coincidences' – and astonishing provision – but also honest accounts of disappointment, frustration and pain.

I've been reminded of the life, integrity and hope that is found in Jesus, the Word. The one who consistently spoke and lived words of grace and truth. The One who always encouraged what was good and built up – not to hurt.

In Tansen Hospital we saw a memorial plaque dedicated to a Christian husband who died prematurely while serving as a medical doctor. It read: "My life was my message". A beautiful testimony of how one person's life and words pointed to the Saviour.

Those are the kind of words I'd like to be remembered by: 'Jaimasi', I see Jesus in you.

Claire Sellar at the Occupational Therapy Department, United Mission Hospital, Tansen, Nepal.

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