Discovering the DRC - Part One

Judith Hill

31.1.2018 | Global Mission, Mission, World Development Appeal

In the first of two vlogs, TV journalist Judith Hill talks about her experience when she visited the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with the World Development Appeal. In it she talks about how the DRC has had its story consistently ignored and how, because of what the people have gone through, their story needs to be heard.

In her next vlog Judith talks about Hope, a young and inspiring woman that she met and how Hope inspired and challenged her with a story of 'stunning shining faith’ in the midst of appalling brutality. Judith also wrote about her experience in the current edition of the Presbyterian Herald, you can download her article here. In it she talks about Hope, a young and inspiring woman that she met. Hope’s story is the subject of her next vlog.

Judith has been a reporter with UTV for over eight years and heads up a community storytelling project called Tell It In Colour. She attends Redeemer Central Church in Belfast.




World Development Appeal 2017

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is one of the world’s most fragile states. Since 1999, six million people have died as a direct or indirect result of the ongoing civil conflict.

The extreme insecurity experienced by families and communities on a continuing basis leads to displacement, hunger, and the breakdown of basic health services. The best and bravest work of community development can be undone in just a few moments of violent destruction.

The reality of good sustainable development work is that it is hard, it is long-term, and the forces ranged against you can seem overwhelming. Yet the wonder is not that the work is so hard, but that so many have the courage to embark upon it.

The DRC and Zimbabwe are the focus of ‘A beautiful idea: Women's voices in fragile states’, the 2017 World Development Appeal. The title ‘A Beautiful Idea’, was first used by a Congolese woman whose story is featured in a special video that was filmed in the DRC and demonstrates what happens when women and men work together to create new hope in their community.

For more information visit the World Development Appeal page here.

Action Entraide seeks to reduce poverty among destitute people through mutual support in the DRC and one of its projects is featured in the World Development Appeal.  Kalongo Rwabikango's is the founder of Action Entraide and you can read his blog here.

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